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Networking Events for Engineers 
(Events will be virtual for the time being)


The 21st century is full of possibilities.  Engineering achievements unreachable before are becoming possible due to the ever convergence of technologies. As such, it is more important now than ever for a disparate group of engineers to work together. Conversations and the exchange of ideas need to take place. Networking among peers has become imperative. E&B is simply a manifestation to such an ambition; although, in a fun relaxed environment.

Past Events

Cincinnati @ March Brewing Company 6/28/18

Columbus @IC3D 5/23/18

Columbus @IC3D 5/23/18

Cincinnati @Taft's Brewporium 4/19/18

Columbus @Pins's Mechanical 3/14/18

Upcoming Events

(Will be virtual for time being)


Please take the Events  Survey
Let us know what we can do better or any ideas on how to build on our events. 

*Stay tuned for our next Columbus Event. In the meantime, join our Meetup group below for event announcements



Stay tuned for our next virtual Cincinnati event 




Upcoming Industry Events







Analysis Express (AE) professionals provide expertise in engineering projects within multiple disciplines, engineering data management, software engineering and IT consulting. Projects are designed and managed by highly qualified professionals to ensure the most appropriate, cost-effective solution possible. AE can provide support for the implementation of engineering solutions, develop web-based applications, or lead client-training activities to get the most out of engineering tools. AE experts work directly with its clients from the requirements phase through completion of the project to ensure long-term success.

AE Engineering Services areas:

Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Analytic Systems, System Engineering and Integration, Additive Manufacturing, Design Drafting, Project Management, Software Engineering, Structural Analysis, Drawing Maintenance, Product ownership and end-of-life.

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